RAM Stack N Stow Bait Board Med Magneter


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The RAP-395U includes a magnetic surface for bait knife, hooks, lures or any ferrous metal item, never again scramble to find your essential tools while on the water. Integrated features for hanging tools, lures, clippers, mounting a GoPro® camera, cup holders and much more, this bait board is a feature rich option for the savvy angler. With the universal AMPs hole pattern, located on the bottom of the board, easily integrate the bait board to your existing mount, or choose from an assortment of RAM compatible mounts. The bait board will also accomodate pipes and extension poles with a diameter of 1″, and with a fish on the line, quickly rotate the bait board away from the action. Tightening of the included knob will resecure the bait board.


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